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Teddy Bear Nanny Cam/DVR - 1 YR Standby Battery Power

Teddy Bear Nanny Cam/DVR - 1 YR Standby Battery Power
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 Thermally Motion Activated, Battery Operated Teddy Bear Nanny Cam/DVR Combo

1 Year Standby Battery Power
20 Hours of Recording Per Charge

This totally portable Nanny Cam Teddy Bear can be placed in any location without care of AC outlets or extension cords.

With the exclusive copyrighted micro Passive Infrared (PIR) motion activation system, there is virtually no battery drain while on standby, and no false alarms. As soon as "body heat" is detected, (up to 30 feet away), high resolution video is recorded on a hidden SD card. Recording continues until 2 minutes after motion ceases, then the unit automatically returns to standby mode.

Why is PIR Motion Activation so Important?
It's all about power conservation in battery powered units. While all of our Camera/DVR combination systems have motion activation, it's usually operated via the camera and DVR itself, triggered by a change in "pixels" generated by the camera image. However, in this design, the camera and DVR must be "on" at all times, requiring consistent power  that would deplete batteries in a relatively short period of time.

This type of motion activation is fine for units that have a consistent power source, such as a clock radio or air purifier, that plugs into a power outlet. But for battery powered devices, Passive InfraRed (PIR) motion activation only requires that a very small and low power micro PIR receives constant power. When the PIR is triggered by body heat motion, it instantly applies power to the entire system and starts recording.

After 2 minutes of no motion, the system shuts down the power and stands by ready for next event. The PIR itself, operates on such low power, that it can stay in ready mode for over 1 year!

Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery offers not only an unbelievable 1 year of standby operation but over 20 hours of actual recording per charge.

Custom User Settings
User settings are easily set-up or changed by simply connecting the Nanny Cam into the "Video in" of a TV/ or the Optional Portable High Resolution 2.5" TFT LCD Monitor (for more convenient feature and viewing angle set-up), via the supplied RCA cable and pressing the menu button on remote control. User recording options include 30fps video recording or High-Resolution still shot recording (1 image every 3 seconds during motion).

Two Playback Options
Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the Nanny Cam by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your TV/Monitor and touching the play button on the InfraRed remote control. Or the SD card can be removed from the unit and played on your PC via the included SD card reader. No additional PC software is needed.

• "No Battery Drain" Standby System
• 1 Year Standby Battery Power
• 20 Hours Recording Per Charge
• 550 Lines Of Resolution HI Res Color Sony CCD Camera
• PIR Motion Activation
• Time/Date Stamp
Note:  Not to be Used as a Toy

• High Resolution: 720 x 480 VGA @ 30fps 
• Night Vision Option - 0.00 LUX [ Pitch Black ]
Low Light Color CCD 450 LOR Camera - .05 LUX
• PIR Motion Activation
• Playback Speeds: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X
• Upgradeable firmware via SD card for future upgrades
• Embedded Time/Date Stamp
• Uses Windows Media Player on SD card playback (PC)
• Supports up to 32Gb SD card

• Dimensions:  10" High x 5" Wide (body)

• Tedd Bear Nanny Cam/DVR
• Li-ion Long Life Battery
• Recharger
• 4 Gb SD Card
• SD Card Reader
• IR Remote Control
• Instruction Book

• RCA Connector Cable for TV viewing

For Additional Secure Digital Cards:
SD2000 - 2GB for 10 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
SD4000 - 4GB for 20 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
SD8000 - 8GB for 40 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
SD1600 - 16GB for 80 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
SD3200 - 32GB for 160 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality

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