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Hidden HD Camera/DVR AM/FM/Weather Clock Radio

Hidden HD Camera/DVR  AM/FM/Weather Clock Radio
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Magnetic "Trap Door" - Totally covert!

The SecureShot Midland AM/FM clock radio, with weather band alert, is so small, nobody would ever suspect a full function motion activated 1080P High Definition Hidden Camera/DVR combination is housed within. Only 6 inches wide, 2.4 inches high and 4.2 inches deep this tiny nannycam radio appears "at home" in a multitude of locations. It can be used as a desk clock, shelf clock, clock radio, office clock, weather alert radio, or even travel radio.

This unit is designed to record up to 80 hours of full 30fps HD color video. And with its totally covert "invisible trap door", which needs a special key to open, it hides the secure digital card completely.

Dual Camera System Option:
Exclusive "New Technology" not found on any other unit of its kind:
State-of-the-art high power invisible 120 degree invisible micro IR illuminators, coupled with dual camera auto switching technology ensures unbelievable video regardless of lighting conditions; brilliant high resolution Color video by Day - automatically switches to B&W by Night, allowing for TOTAL DARKNESS recording up to 20 feet.

Nanny Cam Clock RadioNanny Cam Clock Radio Magnetic "Trap Door" - Totally covert! Our "Trap Door" technology is virtually impossible to locate or open unless you know the secret and have the special magnetic key.

• Enhanced Motion Activation - HD Motion Pre-Record motion activated DVR takes 2-3 seconds to start recording after motion is detected.  If a subject is walking past the camera view quickly, they will likely be missed entirely.  Pre-Record eliminates that possibility by adding 6 seconds of pre video to each motion activated event file before motion is triggered.  Even fast moving subjects are captured on video, with seconds to spare.  Files are recorded in MP4.  Includes video editor/player software for both PC and Mac.

Weather Alert Feature - This radio is at home in any room, office. or warehouse, due to the exclusive weather alert

• Modern Midland AM/FM Clock Radio with Weather Band Alert
• IR Remote Control for System Setup and Playback
• Frame Size (Selectable) 640 X 480, 320 X 240
• Invisible Camera (no new holes in radio)

• User Selectable Video Resolution:  
  1080P, 720P (30fps), 720P (60fps), or 480P (30fps)

• Embedded Time/Date Stamp
• Hidden Trap Door for SD Card
• Motion Activation or Scheduled Recordings
• Supports up to 64 Gb SD Card


• 7 Channel all hazard alert weather radio
• AM/FM Radio tuner
• Receives 24 hour a day national weather bureau broadcasts
• Alert turns on and overrides the FM/AM radio when dangerous weather or civil emergencies arise
• Digital weather tuner for maximum range up to 50 miles
• Choice of siren, voice or visual only warnings
• Manual override gives weather data
• External jacks for power and optional range
• Extending antenna
• Emergency battery backup
• Requires (4) AA batteries
• Includes wall power module
• Dimensions: 6in X 2.4in X 4.2in
• Weight: .1 lb


• HD/DVR Camera
• SD card (8Gb)
• USB SD card reader with extension cable

• Magnetic Key
RCA video connector (cable for use with your TV/Monitor)
• IR remote control
• Instruction manual

Quality Manufactured in the USA

For Secure Digital Cards:
8GB for 40 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
16GB for 80 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality
32GB for 160 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality

64GB for 320 hours Recording Time @ Max Quality

Optional "Set Up" Monitor:
Specially designed for surveillance systems, this portable, battery powered, high resolution 2.5" TFT LCD monitor is ideal for setting up nanny cams. A single connector cable plugs into the unit and into the monitor, allowing quick set up of system parameters and camera viewing angle. Videos can even be played back directly from SecureShot unit and viewed on the LCD monitor.

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