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Wisecomm Color LED Outdoor CCD Camera

Wisecomm Color LED Outdoor CCD Camera
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This Waterproof, Night Vision, Color Camera is housed in a compact metal case, with a sun visor for outdoor use. It provides high-quality images at high-resolutions and is a favorite for the monitoring of warehouses, construction sites, and parking lots. Easy to install, the unit is designed primarily for outdoor use, but it's 12 Infrared LEDs make it a practical camera for indoor, poorly lit locations.

This CCD camera is a reliable, easy-to-use camera that can complement most any monitoring system. A long time Wisecomm favorite, this camera can be used practically anywhere outside.

- Weather resistant camera
- Metal-housing CCD (charge-coupled device) camera
- Includes a 30m lens
- Low-illumination function
- Automatic LED turn-on in low light
- 100 Foot Cable
- UL Approved AC Adapter
- Mounting Bracket

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