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Stuffed Dog NannyCam w/ 30 Hr Battery & HD Video

Stuffed Dog NannyCam w/ 30 Hr Battery & HD Video
Girl Dog
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Whether you need to watch over your infant (to ensure he/she is keeping out of harm’s way) or ease your mind that the nanny is worthy of the trust you’ve placed in her, this harmless looking stuffed "body parts" dog will help you keep an eye on them.

Stuffed DogThis cute Nanny Cam Stuffed Dog features a 30 hour rechargeable battery and 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. When you combine this with its motion detection capabilities, you've got a hidden camera that will record all day while you’re out.

To review the video at the end of the day, simply plug in the usb cable into the usb port of your PC and all the motion captured while you were away will be displayed on the computer screen. At this point you may choose to save it as a video file to reveiw at a later point, or to email it as an attachment.

Please note however, that while the dog retains all of its original “playful” electronic functions, it is not a toy and is designed to be used as a security device only. The best placement for it would be on a shelf beyond reach in your baby’s room or play room.

• Looks just like a plush stuffed dog
• Original talking functions completely intact
• 30 Hour battery life
• Motion Detection

Technical Specifications
• Color Camera
• Battery life: 30 Hours
• Storage: 16GB Internal (32GB Option) - No SD Slot
• Resolution: 1280 x 960 @ Up to 30FPS
• Viewing angle: 72 Degrees

• Compatible with:  Windows up to Win 8 & Mac

• 1 Body Parts Stuffed Dog
• 1 Remote control
• 1 USB Cable
• Manual

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Lifetime Warranty and Technical Support

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