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Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack
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The Tenergy Universal Smart Charger Battery Pack provides the latest in rechargeable technology with its Lithium Polymer cells. Polymer technology is a step ahead of the current standard Li-Ion battery packs; it’s more durable and holds a charge without significant loss over longer periods of non-use increasing a product’s lifespan. (Over time, standard li-on batteries gradually begin to lose their ability to charge to “full power”). Never again will you need to continuously purchase costly 9V batteries each time they run dry, simply recharge your battery pack and begin recording again in no time.

Best of all, this battery pack is very simple to use. With its small size (just 2-3/4" x 1-1/4" x 1/2") and ‘plug’ design it perfectly fits cctv cameras with no need for adapters.

To recharge the battery pack, simply hook the battery up to the included universal charger and it will display a red light while its charging. When the light turns green its ready to begin recording for up to 12 hours!

• Battery easily connects to any of our cameras that run off of a 9v battery, allowing for 12 hours of use per charge with no need to repeatedly buy batteries!
• Includes Universal Smart Charger for the battery packs, making recharging of your Li-Ion battery a breeze
Technical Specs
• Battery pack is a 2 cell 7.4v that will supply power for up to 12 hours
• Charger supports 3.7, 7.4, 11.1, and 14.8v battery packs

• 1 7.4v battery pack
• 1 Universal Smart Charger
• 1 Instruction sheet