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Hidden Cameras

How to Choose a Hidden Camera

Disguised to look like everyday household items, the modern-day Nanny Cam provides a candid look at the world around us. Let's face it, the world is not as safe as it once was. The Hidden Camera is a discreet way to observe events that unfold around us without alarming the people we interact with and care about.

Recently, spy cams have increased in popularity due to child care concerns. However, that's just one possible implementation. The device can be used while your home is being cleaned, for occasional in-home sitter services, for security purposes and a host of other possibilities. The following pointers should assist you in deciding which nanny cam would be right for you.  

Consider the primary goal of this hidden camera
• Catch a thief in an office or store
• Insure the children are taken care of by the Nanny
• Find out if a spouse is cheating
• Check on employees productivity  

Suggested Uses for Hidden Spy Cameras
1. Covert Plant Camera: Catch a cheating spouse
2. Clock Radio: Catch thief in the act in
3. Exit Sign Camera: Thwart Shoplifters
4. Wall Clock Hidden Camera: Record your roommate stealing your money
5. Hidden Camera Outdoor Floodlight: Record intruders in your home.
6. Air Freshener Nanny Cam: Keep an eye on your children while they're in the hands of a Babysitter
7. Hidden Camera Smoke Detector: Catch individuals who eat food from salad bar

Camera Placement  
 • Route of video cable run from the camera to a recorder?
 • Ease of power run…… All cameras require power.
 • Determine type of object which would not arouse suspicion in the room
 • Indoors or outdoors required
 • Lighting situation: black & white cameras require less light.

Recording video to view at a later time
• Memory requirement for video recording
• Consider the amount of there is in the room: A home has lower traffic than a store.
• Do you need scheduled recording? motion activated? or both?

Wireless camera
• Cordless phone or wireless internet routers might interfere with wireless signal
• Do you need to view the camera feed from another room in real time?
• Consider running cable or using a camera/dvr combination (built-in recorder) to avoid problems with wireless transmission.

Camera Options
1. Wired - a camera connected by a video cable to a recording device
2. Wireless- a camera with a built in transmitter that will send the video wirelessly to a near by (hidden) receiver connected by a short wire to a video recorder (or TV for live monitoring)
3. Camera/DVR Combination - A Camera with a built in DVR that records video directly onto a Secure Digital Memory card.  

Audio on Hidden Cameras It’s against federal law to record audio without all parties being aware that they’re being recorded without a warrant.