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Selecting the Nanny Cam for Your Home

Working parents are increasingly turning towards hidden surveillance cameras  within their homes to keep a watchful eye on their children and their caregivers. Surveillance cameras used for this purpose have garnered their own section of the market and are often referred to as nanny cams

Typically, these cameras are covert in nature and come in a variety of technical platforms such as wired, wireless, and IP-based models. In addition to the various camera styles available, the hidden configuration options are virtually endless. This article acts as a guide to the leading nanny cam technology available, and provides some practical tips to consider when selecting this style of camera to install within your home.

Which technology is right for you?

We will briefly consider the two main technology formats nanny cams come in. These include wired versions, and wireless versions. We will review some of the positives and negatives that may be associated with each style to assist you in the selection process.

Wired nanny cams -- This is the oldest style of covert camera, which typically consists of a hidden spy camera concealed within an object that is connected to a nearby video recording device. This is a very reliable method of video capture and recording. However, there are drawbacks to this style of camera. Because both the camera and recording device require a direct connection and close proximity to one another, it can be difficult to conceal two units instead of one.

Wireless nanny cams -- This style is generally a more popular choice than wired versions because they are easier to conceal without wires to hinder the process. A wireless nanny cam can be set up to electronically send a signal to a video receiver or a recording unit such as a DVR or PC. Unlike the wired models, these receiving units are not required to be in the same room as the camera itself. 

Older forms of wireless cameras were often plagued by interference from such things as satellite receivers or 2.4GHz cordless telephones. However, new wireless advancements have greatly improved not only the strength but also security of wireless transmissions.

Choosing the right hidden configuration for your home

A simple search on the Internet for hidden nanny cams will reveal a wide selection of configurations and choices. Once you determine which technology is most appropriate for your surveillance plans, you will need to determine the most fitting way to conceal your camera. Some important considerations include:

Stay with the practical -- You can find hidden nanny cams that come hidden behind objects as simple as a digital clock to something as bizarre as a cookie jar. When choosing which type of object to go with, it is best to stay with the practical. You want to select something that will truly blend into the surroundings, and that can realistically remain in one location without seeming out of place.

Select an object that can realistically monitor critical areas -- Another important aspect to consider is selecting an object that is capable of viewing the widest possible area. A hidden nanny cam disguised as an air freshener that is plugged into an electrical outlet near the floor may be too limiting for a larger room. Perhaps a smoke detector placed in the ceiling in the center of a large room is more appropriate.

Carefully consider placement -- Proper camera placement can be the defining difference between a successful surveillance system and an unsuccessful one. You will likely have to consider installing multiple nanny cams concealed in various locations throughout your home in order to ensure thorough monitoring. In addition, pay careful attention to camera placement to ensure all areas of interest are thoroughly covered.

Deciding to incorporate a hidden nanny cam system within your home can be a difficult decision to make. There are many practical and legal aspects to consider before moving forward with an installation. However, if you are careful to design a system with a proper purpose in mind, you can greatly benefit from utilizing this technology.

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